An experience is what we offer. An unforgettable experience of your senses. Our 14 course meal is perfectly complimented with great music, ambiance, and charming service.

Our small staff has been in the sushi industry collectively over 30 years and we have nothing but respect and passion for good service and food.

Nothing excites us more than to be a part of an unforgettable evening with you and your loved ones.

​​Owner Chef Ricky at the young age of 18 has been honing his craft. Owning his own sushi omakase has always been the goal he aspired to. At the age of 24 chef Ricky opened his own sushi restaurant near Gurnee Illinois and ran in very successfully for 4 years. During this time he didn’t waste a second with his freedom in the kitchen and opportunity to see first hand, what he could bring to the table. Since then he has been recreating his omakase experience every chance he could.

During the pandemic as well, we provided an “in home” sushi omakase experience which was a huge success and in high demand.


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